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The Carmen Electra Portable Stripper Pole, is a professional Pro grade portable stripper pole for pole dancing – Buy Stripper pole HERE. The Electra-Pole is the home pole dancing kit inspired and endorsed by Hollywood star Carmen Electra.

Electra-PoleWith thousands of kits sold in malls across America and online since its launch at the start of 2008, the Electra-Pole is a retail phenomenon. In April of 2008 US retail giant Spencer Gifts (600+ outlets) named it their ‘Product of the Year’.

Now on sale at the official Electra-Pole website,, for £99.99 (a promotional 20% discount)

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BondaraBuy the best bondage gear and bondage toys from Bondara at great prices.

Our bondage gear and bondage toys include handcuffs, ankle cuffs, flogger whips, chastity belts, ball gags, bondage restraints, bondage collars and leads, bondage rope, bondage tape and much more quality leather bondage gear and bondage toys.

Don’t forget to check out our great sex swings too!

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XXX-FurnitureThe worlds first foldable gyno chair.

It has been developed during the notorious ClubKees and CaptainKees parties and is designed for use at home and professional SM studios.

These gynaecologists chairs have been so designed to enable a deep penetrating examine. The legs can be spread in a high or low position. In the high position, you are firmly fixed in the low position you have more flexibility.

The arms can be tied at the top with two grips. Escape is no longer an option. There is a 10 metres long bondage rope attached to loops on the chair, and you can choose how tight you wish to have this rope.

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UK Fantasy FurnitureAll our furniture like the rest of our products are hand made, and of course are here to satisfy you.

So if there isnt something that quite suits you or you would like an alteration feel free to ask.

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Bound-4-BondageHand made quality bondage furniture at very affordable prices….all our furniture is made by us in our own workshop and Iwill personally deal with your order from start to finish , providing a top quality service….

Queening stools from only £170….

St.Andrews crosses, Spanking benches, Whipping Posts, stocks and our latest range of steel restraint devices…

We also now produce leather slings, cuffs and collars …..

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