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We've assembled all the best Fetish shops together which range from London, to Manchester, to California to make it easy for you to keep on top (oo-er) of all the latest in fetish sex toys and BDSM equipment. By clicking on the links we'll take you to the different Fetish Shops that specialise in that area

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ExpectationsFetish shopping at its best! The UK’s biggest and best fetish store with a wide range of leather, rubber, sex toys, aromas, fetish clothing and much more.

Visit the store or shop online.

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PaboEstablished for over 60 years, Pabo now have over 6 million satisfied customers, making Pabo Europe’s No. 1 adult retailer.

We are confident you’ll find everything you’re looking for and more; from Seductive Lingerie, Hot High Street Fashion, Costumes and Latex Fashion, Sex Toys, Erotic Adult DVD’s. Pabo are dedicated to improving everybody’s love life!

And, since Pabo are the largest and most active company in this field, it is something that they will surely realise over time. That’s why Pabo are proud to proclaim that they are the world’s leading company for the supply of erotica and sex related products.

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We supply a range of traditional black rubber medical anaesthetic and respiratory breathing equipment, latex medical fetish outfits, latex bondage breathing hoods, gas masks and a range of the finest leather bondage gear and restraints available.

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UK Fetish Zone The UK Fetish Zone  is an on-line contact website that lets you get in touch with other members sharing your Fetish. Whatever your Fetish is you’re welcome here. They love all kinds of Fetish including BDSM, Swingers, Rubber, PVC, TVs, Transexuals, ScatSplosh, Water SportsMud and more. Adult babies and Schoolgirls welcome.

The site includes a search system to track down your fetish and people who share it, Members videos, explicit photos, webcams and more!

What’s best is is FREE to join the UK Fetish Zone and search for contacts across the UK or even the whole world! Don’t delay, you can find that person who shares your fetish today.

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HonourHonour:  Forget the rest, try the best…

Renowned for their vast range of unique fantasy fetish clothing, toys and accessories, Honour have something for every fetish palette.

Collections regularly updated including PVC, Rubber, Leather & Leatherette clothing, Lingerie, Womens Corsets, Bondage wear, Wigs, Shoes and Hosiery.

Visit online or on the high street

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Love HoneyBondage Gear – Most couples enjoy gentle bedroom bondage games with blindfolds, scarves and handcuffs, while many like their bondage gear a little stronger. Know your partner, know your desires and get playing


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BondaraBuy the best bondage gear and bondage toys from Bondara at great prices.

Our bondage gear and bondage toys include handcuffs, ankle cuffs, flogger whips, chastity belts, ball gags, bondage restraints, bondage collars and leads, bondage rope, bondage tape and much more quality leather bondage gear and bondage toys.

Don’t forget to check out our great sex swings too!

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